An app to help vulnerable young people find immediate support.

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The Challenge

There are many barriers that prevent young people from getting the help they need. Among the key concerns are issues of privacy, anonymity, accessibility and cost.

Shelter SA gave Appvation the opportunity to demonstrate how technology can help address some of these problems with the brief for a new app, Pickle, that helps young people find the nearest youth support service.

It is critical that young people are aware that professional help is available to them when they need it. But where do they start?

With a friendly and intuitive design, Pickle helps its users navigate through the many organisations and services on offer and identify the most relevant option. Importantly, the app provides click-to-call access to a 24/7 support hotline, and integration with Google Maps to help the user find their way to the support provider.

Appvation is recognised for its commitment to the highest levels of privacy. Pickle only asks for the user’s age and location. This enables the app to provide the most relevant services, while keeping all other personal information and data private and anonymous.

Prior to launch Pickle has been tried and tested, not just by a bunch of web developers, but by focus groups specific to the app’s target demographic.

We’re proud to develop technology that addresses an important social need in our community.

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