The South Australian Government calls on Appvation to make paper licences a thing of the past.

iPhone and Android app devices

The Challenge

With millions of clients, legacy systems and a high level of scrutiny, adapting to the digital age is a mammoth task for governments.

Despite the challenges, South Australia’s government is determined to reduce the need for paper licences as part of its Digital by Default strategy. Paper licences are inconvenient and often frustrating for customers. A typical transaction can take five days to complete and due dates are easily missed. The paper process also hits the taxpayer’s hip pocket. In 2014-2015, the SA government sent 28 million letters at a cost of $14.8 million.

The state government called for companies to pitch a “cashless and cardless” solution, and Appvation was awarded the opportunity to build the prototype ahead of larger, multi-national development companies.

A list of cards/credentials for the app

The choice (of Appvation) was based on innovation and the ability to adopt a modern approach with modern application development methods.

Department of Premier and Cabinet, SA Government

User Experience

Understanding how users will interact with mySA GOV was the first step towards making the app a success. We interviewed key agencies, potential users and other stakeholders to identify the pain points, and tested our thinking with wireframes and prototyping.

Wireframing brainstorming on a whiteboard

Visual Design

Our goal was to design the app to be both functional and visually appealing. We created a design language that was in keeping with the government brand, but also bold and diverse across the broad range of agencies and licences.

Fingerprint security, onboarding, settings layout screens
mySAGOV Android App Icon
Mockups in Sketch

mySA GOV enables customers to conduct transactions with the State Government quicker and easier.

Jay Weatherill – Premier, South Australia

Prototyping & Development

When working with government security is critical, and protecting the valuable information of the app’s users was top priority. We also faced the complexity of integrating multiple government systems, and building for both iOS and Android. Using agile methodology, we were able to deliver updated prototypes every two weeks.

Android and iOS apps being tested

Credentials view


We developed the app to allow customers to verify their identity once and then securely store credentials, including licences, online. What was once a five-day process could now take just five minutes.

In app Scanning

Barcode Scanning

Barcode scanning is a key part of our suite of security features. We designed a securely generated barcode to validate a credential, while barcode scanning can also be used to verify another user’s card, licence or other credential.

Scope of Work


iOS Development

Android Development

Node JS Development

Design & Usability

User Research

Wireframing & Prototyping

Visual Design


Brand Development

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