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  •   Michael Humphris

Creating a Paged Cardview in Android

Card views are a key part of the Material Design guidelines. Often, they are used in a recycler view to show a vertical list of content. In this case, the cards are the focal point of the interface. But what if something else needs to be the focal...

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  •   Will Russell

Release Notes 2016

Last week, Patrick and I had the opportunity to attend the Release Notes conference in Indianapolis. Hosted in a converted union station, the venue assisted in creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with conversations occurring naturally between...

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  •   Matt Bauerochse

My Take on WWDC 2015

The World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is an annual conference run by Apple in San Francisco. The conference provides developers with comprehensive sessions covering the latest topics on Apple’s platforms, together with hands on labs where developers...

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  •   Patrick Mann

Tenderfoot for iOS Released & Featured on App Store

Tendefoot featured on the Apple App Store

A few weeks back, the Travel app Tenderfoot we helped develop, got released onto the App Store. It has also been featured in the App Store which is a great achievement for our team!

Tenderfoot is a social platform that allows travellers to connect...

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  •   Lachlan Mitchell

5 Pitfalls to Watch out for When Working with Parse

Common on the Parse Forums

The Parse framework is an excellent solution for efficiently developing a backend for your new app and getting it off the ground as soon as possible. It provides the basis for a robust server-side infrastructure without having to worry about the...

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  •   Patrick Mann

Appvation Update

Hello internet! We haven't graced your presence lately so here's a bit of an update on what we've been doing these past months.

We've moved to the heart of the city! In September we moved into the Epworth Building, located on Pirie Street. It's an...

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  •   Patrick Mann

Why the Macbook Air is Perfect for App Development

Last week I finally gave in to all those cries of “Get a Mac!”.

After walking into the Adelaide Apple Store with not my desired configuration in stock, I jumped onto Apple’s online store and bought a 13′ Macbook Air.

I got it shipped to me earlier...

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  •   Patrick Mann

6 Ways to Monetize an App

Since the launch of the App Store, developers have been constantly been on the hunt on how to make the most money for their app development efforts. Lets take a look at some of the options app developers have in their arsenal to monetize their apps...

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